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Eco Timber Homes

Monday 23 April 2018

How We Work


The Eco Timber Homes Method

On new construction projects, sales and engineering personnel work with architects, consulting engineers, contractors, building control and especially project managers on the detailed design of a building solution to provide the highest specified levels of environmental control, energy management even fire protection and building security if required. Often, these functions are centralised in a single building management system. Turnkey support to the construction projects includes system design, installation, start-up assistance and warranty coverage.


Our Project Process

Project Structure

Our project team structure is tailored to provide an effective organisation capable of managing all aspects of your project. It is headed by an experienced project manager who will have full responsibility to you for the implementation of the program and will be a single point of contact for you and your representatives.

The Project Manager is also responsible for the fiscal performance of the project and is empowered by Eco Timber Homes to make all necessary decisions directly on site.

The high-level project management structure is outlined for each project. All personnel will have been selected for their proven ability to carry out the selected role and their practical experience in successfully carrying out similar roles. The CVs of key personnel can also be provided on request.

First Steps - Project Start Up Meeting

Eco Timber Homes considers that the Initial Project Start Meeting is critical and ensure that the following agenda items are tabled for discussion:

  • Quality Procedures and Documentation
  • Health & Safety standards
  • Installation Programme
  • Agree Project Milestones and design details
  • Documentation standards
  • Management Reporting Structure
  • Handover & Site Acceptance procedures
  • Project critical issues
  • Client Specific standards, rules and regulations
  • Confirm Specific Project Responsibilities

Next Steps - Project Specification

As a result of the start up meeting we then produce a Project Specification that we adhere to throughout the life of the project. By providing you a clear route to your Project Manager you are always in the picture on the current status of the project.


Eco Timber Homes Limited
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