The Benefits

Material and Cost Saving

  • Human error is reduced

  • Reduced waste and disposal costs

  • Savings due to volume purchasing

  • Material is optimised using computer software

  • Jobsite labour is dramatically reduced

  • Less building materials available for theft

Higher Quality Standards

  • Factory controlled conditions result in panels that are accurate and better fitting on-site

  • Reduced warping, shrinkage and floor squeaks due to quicker close in

  • Our Panelised process uses premium grade timber and materials

  • Panels are built by experienced workers using the latest computer software resulting in a consistent and uniform product

Reduced Construction Time

  • More reliable completion and move in date

  • Construction loan and interest charges are reduced due to a quicker completion time

  • Delays due to material shortages and labour scheduling are reduced

  • Construction becomes more feasible year round

Our step by step process

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