Why Timber Frame?

Timber Frame construction has been around for many years but is regularly confused with modular, mobile and pre-fabricated homes which are quite different. Perhaps you have seen television programmes like Grand Designs or Extreme Makeover and wondered how they build a house so fast, the following information will help you understand how.

Panelised construction is the evolution of traditional “stick frame” construction. Panelised construction takes the technology from traditional framing and brings it into a controlled and efficient manufacturing environment.

After the projects foundations are prepared, the floor system is built according to traditional framing methods. The next step would normally be to measure, cut and nail individual pieces of timber together to create a wall section and then level, square and fasten it in place. This is where the panelised process used by Eco Timber Homes differs. Panelisation brings the wall assembly portion into a climate controlled and efficient manufacturing environment. All of the panelised components are framed on flat, square framing tables. All of the panels are designed using computer software resulting in greater accuracy and reduced labour and waste. This helps us to work toward being better stewards of the environment – a global goal!

Once all of the panels and building components are complete, they are shipped in sea containers to a port depending on the location of your site. Once the panelised package arrives on site it is unloaded and ready for installation on the prepared foundation; whether slab on grade, crawl space or a full basement.

Panelised construction building kits are quickly becoming the new standard. Both builders and homeowners can benefit from panelised construction. – are you ready for a better and faster way to build?

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